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Dashboard showing fear and greed, most popular cryptocurrencies for today and sentiment analysis. Push alert in a phone about El Salvador making bitcoin a legal tender.
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Real-Time Alerts

Sentiments drive the crypto market.

The overall attitude of investors will reflect on the general price trend. We strongly believe understanding the crypto market sentiment is key to understanding where the markets will move next.

News breakouts and celebrity tweets strongly influence the crypto prices. We send live alerts for important crypto news and tweets.

  • News Breakouts
  • Detect FUD
  • Influencer Tweets
  • New Coin listings
Falling Crypto price charts
China Bans bitcoin mining
Elon Musk is Dogefather
Crypto markets overview

Understand crypto market sentiments

  • One-look dashboard

    Know everything about the sentiments of each crypto asset in a single glance with your new dashboard.

  • APIs for Bots

    Fast APIs that provide comprehensive sentiment data to create powerful crypto trading strategies.

  • Email & Web Push Alerts

    Never miss an important news breakout with notifications via your dashboard, to your email and phone.

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Insights from Koinsentiment consistently help me find promising coins to hodl and make profitable trades with my bot. Koinsentiment is essential to every serious Cryptocurrency investor.

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  • Why use Koinsentiment?

    Analyzing the price trends is not enough because they are driven by investor sentiments. We provide easy to use, accurate sentiment data so that you can make better trading decisions.

  • What are your data sources?

    We get our data from over 100 meticulously picked cryptocurrency news websites and social media such as Reddit and Twitter. We source the trading consensus from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex.

  • How often do you update the API data?

    We listen real-time for critical data like celebrity tweets. The rest of our crypto sentiment analysis is updated as often as needed (typically every hour).

  • What crypto trading bots do you support?

    Our sentiment APIs which can be called from any cryptocurrency trading robots including 3commas, Cryptohopper and Freqtrade. If you have any trouble integrating, please contact us.

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